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This is a family affair, and a labor of love. KimBrittnie3We have been in the "stonefruit" business for over 25 years. We've sold nearly every variety of peach and nectarine to places near and far and stood in orchards and tasted the most amazing chin-dripping peaches. But nearly 10 years ago I wondered to myself, why hasn't anybody started selling fresh cut peaches and nectarines?

I pondered the question and started asking my other industry friends and everybody told me it wasn't possible. Well, that seemed like a challenge and one worth solving, so I quit my job and formed my own research and development company to figure it out. There was a lot of trial and error along the way and I certainly came to understand why everybody said it was impossible.

You see, there's a balancing act that needs to be achieved with that perfect flavor of a tree ripe peach or nectarine, but not so soft that slicing that delicate piece of fruit creates puree in a bag. You can't imagine the thousands of pieces of fruit we've tasted over the years to find the perfect varieties that are all the parts of right for our "BITE RITE FLAVOR."

WOOT leaf Reverse

And if you wonder what a WOOT FROOT is - it's the exuberant culmination of a dream realized. You can guarantee that our days start with a WOOT! WOOT! as we celebrate bringing you some great tasting fruit. WOOT ON!

-Kim Gaarde aka Mama Woot



  • Mama Woot
    Mama Woot
  • Baby Woot
    Baby Woot
Mama Woot

Woot Froot’s fearless leader, Kim Gaarde, or Mama Woot as she’s lovingly referred to, has been in the stone fruit business for over 25 years now (she really knows her peaches and nectarines!). And after spending 7 years and going through thousands of peaches, Mama Woot finally saw her dream realized of discovering a way to produce fresh-cut peaches and nectarines. Kim loves being able to run a company that is all about excitement, innovative thinking, hard work and blazing their own trail. And when she’s not busy running the company, she’s always thinking about the next fun item that Woot Froot can bring to your family - basically she’s superwoman! In her free time, Mama Woot loves spending time with her family and relaxing with friends.

Baby Woot

It’s true that the peach doesn’t fall far from the tree! Brittnie, Baby Woot, started following in Mama Woot’s footsteps when the Woot Froot brand was created. And although she might be young, Baby Woot is hard at work ensuring that when Woot Froot reaches your fridge, it’s the best quality for you and your family. She also loves stepping out of the office and on to the floor to help package up those delicious peaches and nectarines. In her free time, Baby Woot loves working out, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying a tasty margarita!